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The Six Pears213 viewsWe bought these six pears from Solstice in London. They're from France, and the tips of the stems have been sealed with red wax. But the pears looked a bit beat up when they arrived (I took this photograph shortly after we opened the box). They taste great --- but I'm not overly fond of all the cuts and bruises.1 comments
Marjorie Testing the Bubbles105 viewsThe dogs may be disinterested in the bubbles, but Marjorie and I like them.
Marjorie With Her Bubble Glasses122 viewsWe bought, at Selfridges, a small bubble blower. It actually fills the soap bubbles with some sort of ghost "smoke." Our idea was that the dogs would love the bubbles. So far, nope. When Marjorie was testing it, a couple of the bubbles blew in front of her face --- and they look a bit like Bubble Goggles.
Spring Daffodils114 viewsPhotographed in the front garden of Whitecroft, April 10 2006.
Marjorie Looking Backwards88 viewsOff to get more doggie cookies. A (rare) nice sunny spring day at Whitecroft, April 14 2006
A Living Blue Willow Plate129 viewsWillow trees, particularly with spring leaves, always remind me of Blue Willow china. With a little bit of Photoshop, our front garden looks like a living Blue Willow plate.
The Swan Fountain and Spring Willows101 viewsChristopher just finished giving the water in the Swan Fountain a good cleaning. The willow trees by our front pond have beautiful spring leaves. April 14 2006
Yellow Flowers in the Garden90 viewsWhitecroft, Springtime, April 14 2006
Small Magnolia125 viewsThis small magnolia, on a small magnolia tree that was covered with blossoms (but no leaves). Easter Sunday, April 16 2006
At long last some spring flowers!145 viewsIn the Whitecroft garden, spring 2006.
Craig Out For A Stroll144 viewsA preview of things to come? :-( I'd been immobilised for about 14 hours, injected with morphine and other goodies, and "log rolled" from gurney to CAT scan tray. This is my first time up and about, complete with nurse and walker. On the way home, I went "ouch, ouch" when Marjorie even drove over a tiny pebble in the road. I am a true Princess. May 5 2006
Craig in the Hospital115 viewsEeegads, this picture even scares me. I think it's pretty funny that I'm wearing an "Ironman" t-shirt. Some Ironman I am --- slipping and falling on my bum in our own conservatory. May 5 2006
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