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Trying to pretend we're lovely and warm83 viewsThe rooftop (outdoor) pool at the Thermae Bath Spa in Bath. When I was taking this photograph one of the "fun police" came up and said, "No pictures allowed." She was, not surprisingly, mistaken, and the manager was gracious with her apology.
Where'd my body go?!70 views
Wish I looked this slim on dry land64 views
Wot have I just trod on?!70 views
All lit up73 views
The Broken Water Meter149 viewsWe had a leak at a pig trough. Pavel couldn't find a way to turn off the water to the trough, so turned off all of our water. When he tried to turn it back on, he broke off the valve next to our water meter. Severn Trent came along and painted a big blue arrow and gave us some bottles of water. The pile of blocks was to try to hold down the lid to the water meter/valve.
Water Leaking Up From the Broken Valve78 viewsThe concrete blocks were a failed effort, by Pavel, to hold down the metal "door" to the meter/valve.
Water Leaking Down Whitecroft Track75 viewsThe water from the broken valve running its way north down the Whitecroft track.
Water Leaking Down The Track67 viewsThe toppled blocks are the site of the leak, and the water ran down the Whitecroft track, heading to the north. It took Severn Trent a day to repair this small problem.
Julie Wong in Moreton in Marsh, Cotswolds77 viewsMarjorie, Julie and I had a nice lunch at the Redesdale Arms in Moreton in March in the Cotswolds.
Marjorie Enjoying a Tart80 viewsAt the Daylesford Farm Shop near Kingham in Gloucestershire.
Julie and Marjorie Both Enjoying Tarts103 viewsAt the Daylesford Farm Shop near Kingham in Gloucestershire.
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