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Cole eschewing all balls73 views
Play time chez Lucies Farm91 viewsThis was great fun for us and the dogs. We usually give them their own, individual playtime but they all really enjoyed this get together.
Otis Buddy Holly Branston Simba and the ball136 views
Kila having a cuddle77 viewsKila isn't really bothered with balls so she has a cuddle while the men mooch
Otis & Buddy after the ball with Branston and Simba in hot pursuit73 viewsOtis always has an eye for the ball however many he has in his mouth but Buddy is really focused and won't be thwarted. Branston and Simba were slightly slower off the mark.
Cole having a mooch67 viewsCole isn't really into ball playing. He prefers to mooch getting all the smells
Buddy outrunning all the others89 views
A rose between two thorns82 viewsHolly, Cole and Kila waiting for the ball
Harvey waiting for the ball64 views
Holly71 viewsShe was looking so cute, and the moment I put the camera up to my eye --- zap, down goes her face.
Harvey waiting and watching68 views
Buddy running with the ball65 viewsBuddy loves to jump into the fountain to cool off after some hectic ball playing. He then drops the ball to get a drink and doesn't know how to retrieve the ball because it has sunk to the bottom. He then usually takes Harvey's ball!
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