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Betty and Her Son216 views
Ann, Vic, and the Improvised Towel Slings244 viewsLifing the newly-born Gloucester calf to his feet.
Betty and Her Son210 viewsWhile the day looks cold, it was actually a muggy summer morning, June 29 2005.
Betty and Her New Son200 views
Betty and Her Newly-Born Son214 views
Ann Carman listening to the Calf's Chest929 viewsAll normal . . .
Ann Carman Checking the Calf's Airway978 viewsOur first Gloucester calf, and we didn't want to take any chances. We called out Ann from our veterinary surgery, White House Vets. Here's Ann checking the calf's airway.
Gloucester Calf on His Feet, Nosed By Mother Betty234 views
The Aberdeen Family Checking out the New Gloucester Calf227 viewsIncluding (on the right, with bling in his nose) our Aberdeen Angus bull, Ballet.
The New Gloucester Calf223 viewsStarting to walk, about eight hours after he was born. June 29 2005, Lucies Farm 4 Acre Field
Cattle Having Their Dinner295 viewsNot quite a family portrait. The bull in the foreground, Rull Ballet Cruz, is an Aberdeen Angus. The calf and cow (her mother, Betty) are Gloucester cattle. Enjoying dinner on the 4 Acre Field, summer, July 10 2005.
Young Calf, Having A Bit of Grass316 viewsThe Gloucester calf is having a bit of a much on the grass --- but he's actually more or less lying down. Note the wrinkled nose.
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