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The Chrysler Imperial from Cremaster 33103 viewsThe wrecked car from the demolition derby sequence in the Cremaster 3 film. This now stands at the centre of the stage in the Manchester Opera House as part of Matthew Barney's Guardian of the Veil.
Adjusting Zuko's Harness165 views
Grzegorz and Artur Applying Gold Leaf to Ross' Horns155 views
Matthew Barney and Zuko1045 viewsTesting the dog harness.
Digby Leading Ross out of the Stock Trailer121 viewsBehind the Manchester Opera House, getting ready for his stage debut.
Grzegorz and Artur Applying Gold Leaf to Ross' Horns124 views
Digby Gribble with Ross of Bien Esk107 viewsBehind the Manchester Opera House.
Ross of Bien Esk Getting Ready to Enter the Manchester Opera House127 viewsHis first experience on the ramp and on stage. Led by Digby Gribble, Grzegorz Bednarksi, and Artur Ivanyan --- with Jack Thompson standing safely to one side.
Applying Gold Leaf to Ross' Horns107 views
Ross of Bien Esk331 viewsWaiting behind the Manchester Opera House.
Grzegorz and Arthur Applying Gold Leaf118 viewsRoss just lay there and let the gold leaf be applied to his horns.
Ross of Bien Esk Heading Down the Ramp97 viewsRoss' first appearance at the Manchester Opera House. He walked down the ramp for the first time like a real pro.
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