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Ross of Bien Esk on the Stage for the First Time579 viewsWith Digby Gribble, Grzegorz Bednarski, and Artur Ivanyan.
Walking Ross on the Stage167 viewsAt the Manchester Opera House --- we're told the first bull on the stage of a British theatre.
Ross on the Stage176 viewsAt the Manchester Opera House. Ross was first walked onto the stage with no props, set, etc. The cable attached to the harness around Ross' chest was designed to stop him from running and falling into (say) the orchestra pit. But, in the final analysis, he was incredibly well-behaved.
Ross of Bien Esk on the Stage204 viewsWith Jack Thompson looking on.
Stephen Ware Inspecting the Ramp176 viewsStephen, the veterinarian, inspecting all aspects of the large ramp, built at the back of the stage so that Ross could enter and leave the Manchester Opera House.
Manchester International Festival Poster716 viewsThis poster was on a derelict factory across the street (and canal) from my hotel, the City Inn in Manchester.
Digby Gribble Leads Ross Back to the Stage168 viewsWith Jack Thompson looking on.
Behind the Manchester Opera House188 viewsDigby Gribble speaking with Stephen Ware, the independent veterinarian. Whenever Ross was in the theater, Stephen was in attendance. He also checked on Ross in the "secret location" beneath the Magistrates' Court. This small lane is where Ross (watched by his contingent of security guards) entered and exited the Manchester Opera House.
Ross Walks Up The Ramp166 viewsUp the ramp and out of the Manchester Opera House. Job done.
Ross Nearing the Stage of the Manchester Opera House1092 viewsWalking down his purpose-built ramp for the first time.
The Chrysler Imperial and Cow Dummy6837 viewsIt was hoped that Ross would mount the white plastic cow dummy (covered with a cow hide during the performance of Guardian of the Veil. A similar dummy was sent to us at Lucies Farm to see if Ross was "interested." He wasn't.
Ross Having a Scratch476 views
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