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Grzegorz and Artur Applying Gold Leaf484 views
Artur Ivanyan and Craig Looking at Ross224 viewsWe brought Ross into the stable yard to polish and oil his horns and hooves, and to give him a nice shampoo before his trip to Manchester.
The Ramp at the Manchester Opera House189 viewsThis was our first look at the large ramp built at the back of the stage of the Manchester Opera House for Ross' entrance and exit. Jack Thompson is at the top of the ramp with the "Daisy Lifter" --- a sling to remove Ross from the theater if he just wouldn't walk up the ramp. Of course, Ross was happy to use the ramp, so the "lifter" was not used.
Gregorz and Artur Applying Gold Leaf to Ross' Horns182 views
Ross Wearing the Sun Disk4126 viewsPart of his costume for Guardian of the Veil.
Ross Wearing The Sun Disk177 views
Waiting for His Cue236 viewsIn the lane behind the Manchester Opera House, Ross of Bien Esk waits for his cue to go on stage. With Grzegorz, Artur, and Digby Gribble.
Ross Entering the Opera House613 viewsRoss about to come down the ramp for the first time with the Chrysler Imperial and actors on the stage.
Artur and Grzegorz In Their Costumes402 viewsAt dress rehearsal we had a visit from the Manchester Police. They were concerned about guys in IRA uniforms hanging around the back of the Manchester Opera House --- with a bull.
Digby Gribble Taking Control of Ross4331 viewsWith Gregorz and Artur.
Ross Coming Downstage of the Chrysler Imperial213 viewsDigby Gribble firmly in control of Ross --- and with Ross performing like a trooper.
Grzegorz and Artur Applying Gold Leaf207 viewsRoss loves to be brushed, and also seems to love having gold leaf applied to his horns every evening.
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