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Congratulations103 viewsWhen we got inside the grounds of the castle/hotel in Romrod we found this reception taking place so now we have a group photo!!
A perfect day110 viewsA view of the courtyard of the castle/hotel in Romrod, Germany, where we happened upon this wedding reception
The castle in Romrod, Germany105 views
The obligatory pose115 views
Part of Craig's ancestor's home106 viewsThis is the old mill that we think was once owned by Craig's great-great-great-grandfather and this area is where the water used to run to run the mill. The water rights were sold off in the 1960s so no water now unless it floods.
The castle/hotel in Romrod, Germany95 views
The water way over the road from the ancestral mill93 viewsThis is the stream that runs over the road from the old ancestral mill in the village of Billertshausen
The ancestral home102 viewsThis mill is now a home. The owner has lived in it since 1986. He had the same documents covering the history of this mill as Craig has. Very imposing and a labour of love to make it into a habitable home.
Some of the houses and the waterway near the ancestral mill in Billertshausen94 viewsA view of some of the houses and the waterway near the ancestral mill in Billertshausen
All is calm124 viewsThe sun setting over the river Rhine in Cologne. The view from the Regency Club room in the Hyatt Hotel.
Time to go home98 views
A journey back in time108 viewsThis is the medieval fayre taking shape in the grounds of the castle in Romrod, Germany
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