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A rose from outside our kitchen window, Whitecroft260 viewsKevin planted three rose bushes outside the kitchen at Whitecroft, and they bloom 10 months out of each year. And when they're not blooming, they drop these great pink petals on our parsley and chives.
Kevin Howdle and Merlin7891 viewsKing's End Lane, August 2004
Kevin Massaging Highland Steer349 viewsKevin Howdle massaging one of the younger Highland steers.
Kevin Massaging Aberdeen Angus Steer325 viewsWe are moving from pedigreed Highland cattle (right) to pedigreed Aberdeen Angus cattle (left). Here Kevin massages one of the young Aberdeen Angus steers, while the Highland steer awaits its turn.
Kevin Massaging a Young Aberdeen Angus Steer302 views
Kevin Howdle2828 viewsKevin taking a break from helping Mermaid have her litter of piglets. Just another day in sunny Worcestershire.1 comments
Kevin Howdle's Birthday - June 1 2005929 viewsThis is like one of those pictures of a mirror where there's a picture of a mirror inside the picture of the mirror.
New Year's 1999 to 2000225 viewsAt the Oahu Country Club, Honolulu. Marjoire, Kevin Howdle, and Cathy Bushby. Note the photograph of Pau, our bull terrier, on the table. Dogs are never far away.
Marjorie, Kevin Howdle, and Cathy at New Year's 1999-2000160 viewsAt the Oahu Country Club, with Pau on the table.
Sarah, Kevin and Steve at a Poi Company Booth760 viewsWe did lots of these shows --- so many that I don't even recognise this booth.
English Country Garden1264 viewsThe back flower garden at Whitecroft, planted by Kevin Howdle.
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