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Ann Carman taking the Calf's Temperature7036 viewsAll normal . . .
Circle of Care429 viewsAnn Carman taking the calf's temperature, while the mom, Betty, has a good sniff at Ann.
Ann Carman listening to the Calf's Chest929 viewsAll normal . . .
Ann Carman Checking the Calf's Airway978 viewsOur first Gloucester calf, and we didn't want to take any chances. We called out Ann from our veterinary surgery, White House Vets. Here's Ann checking the calf's airway.
The Vet Giving our Tamworth Boar an Injection4883 viewsAnn Carman, from The White House Vets in Malvern, comes out on a Saturday and Sunday to see our Tamworth boar. He's a bit lame, but Ann found nothing in his paw (trotter?) and no apparent broken bones. An injection of a pain killer and some antibiotic is needed, but the first bends Ann's needle. Big tries to keep the boar in place while Ann tries again with a stronger needle.2 comments
Yeah, yeah, I know the drill207 views
How much weight have I lost?165 views
I hope this is over soon157 views
A bit of the old ear treatment161 views
Arriving for the weekly weigh-in166 views
Patiently waiting my turn to see Dr Richard184 views
Yes, I do trust you but I hope this will be over soon173 views
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