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Marjorie in Kitchen.jpg
Marjorie in Whitecroft Kitchen2224 viewsRipping some sort of meat apart with her bare hands.
Beautiful Marjorie.jpg
Marjorie Giving Me Her Best Pose262 views
Old Whitecroft Kitchen -- Chase and Marjorie168 viewsGosh, I barely remember when the kitchen looked like this. The black metal (and cane) chairs came from Hawaii. I think Marjorie was trying to prove that she could b taller than Chase -- if she stood on a chair.
Barbara Cleaning The Pool6351 viewsWhile our indoor pool has been maintained, we haven't really had time to swim in it. As we get ready to introduce canine swimming, it's time to clean every tile spic-n-span. It's a hot summer Friday, and Barbara volunteered. Ever gone swimming in kitchen gloves?
Kiko's Photograph of our Kitchen598 viewsKiko, our bull terrier, took this photograph of one of his favourite places in the world --- our kitchen. There's a small refrigerator on the right, and the source of all wonder --- the oven --- straight ahead. Photographed by Kiko with his collar camera.
Hattie in the Whitecroft Kitchen554 viewsMarjorie was showing Lou, Cathy (behind the camera) and Hattie (asleep on the floor) what Hattie would be eating during her stay at Lucies Farm.
Kiko in the Kitchen306 viewsKiko in one of his favourite positions -- on the kitchen floor, waiting for any chance to blag some food.1 comments
A Rose96 viewsOutside our kitchen window, complete with bee.
Roses115 viewsOutside of our kitchen window.
Red Rose, Blue Sky93 views
Roses132 viewsThese roses are outside the kitchen window at Whitecroft.
........ I can really pack a punch with this76 views
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