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Close-Up of Damage to Truckman166 viewsThe right rear side of the Truckman, showing the damage to the vehicle and tyre. I'm told that the "springs" are damaged --- I didn't even know cars had "springs." This was photographed on the transporter, just as the Truckman was beginning its last journey . . .
Well, let me out of here so I can start my vacation97 views
Ah, it's my second home87 views
Another guest safely delivered96 views
PanAm Boeing Stratocruiser 377 in Honolulu, Circa 19495360 viewsI did a Google search on this aircraft, N1025V. It was the first of 21 Stratocruisers delivered to PanAm (delivered on January 31, 1949). At the time it was called "Clipper America," although that doesn't seem to be the name in this photograph. (PanAm apparently had many aircraft called "Clipper America" over the years.) N1025V is now sold as a model. The real N1025V was sold to the Israeli Air Force in 1963 as a cargo plane, and last flew in March 1974.
Tapa Having His Doggie Passport Checked2570 viewsA photo for our vet's website to illustrate the section on dog passports.
Mark V Mod-1 DESCO Antique Diving Helmet3032 views
Mark V Mod-1 DESCO Antique Diving Helmet906 views
Mark V Mod-1 DESCO Antique Diving Helmet350 views
Mark V Mod-1 DESCO Antique Diving Helmet2656 views
Mark V Mod-1 DESCO Antique Diving Helmet198 views
Mark V Mod-1 DESCO Antique Diving Helmet177 views
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