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Aberdeen Angus Steers Arriving - Mar 3 20052957 viewsWith the increased demand for Scottish | Kobe beef, we have purchased six new purebred Aberdeen Angus steers to add to our own existing herd. The steers were raised by David Coward in Mere, Wiltshire -- here's a photograph of their arrival. Their first taste of beer, and their first massage, awaits.
Kevin Massaging Highland Steer331 viewsKevin Howdle massaging one of the younger Highland steers.
Kevin Massaging Highland Steer314 viewsThe steers stand still for their massage. Perhaps it's the anticipation of the beer that will follow shortly?
Kevin Massaging Aberdeen Angus Steer311 viewsWe are moving from pedigreed Highland cattle (right) to pedigreed Aberdeen Angus cattle (left). Here Kevin massages one of the young Aberdeen Angus steers, while the Highland steer awaits its turn.
Aberdeen Angus Massage474 viewsKevin massaging a pedigreed Aberdeen Angus steer for our Scottish | Kobe beef.
Kevin Massaging a Young Aberdeen Angus Steer287 views
Highland Cattle Steer284 viewsOne of our pedigree steers -- not overly fond of having his picture taken.
Aberdeen Angus Steer360 viewsBecause our cattle are regularly massaged, and have daily interaction (when feed beer and grain), they are quite curious about what's happening.
Aberdeen Angus Steer249 viewsOne of our Scottish | Kobe steers, showing off for the camera - May 2005
Aberdeen Angus Steer275 views
Vic Scott Massaging Aberdeen Angus Steer306 views
Highland Steer -- For Sale188 viewsUK302940 200059 born 17 February 2005. Photographed Sep 23 2005
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