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Spring Morning on the Whitecroft "Canal"228 viewsUp early in the morning (unusual for me) to check on the newly arrived Bronze turkeys. I spotted these yellow flowers on the banks of the small Whitecroft "canal." It's spring.
Kiko and His Yellow Ball1194 viewsKiko loves to play ball. He invents all sorts of complicated games and strategies, and he prefers to try them out with Marjorie rather than me. He knows that he's not allowed to bring the ball into the house (only because he will continue to chew it, and will slobber all over the place) so he makes the decision of when to leave the ball outside and come indoors. Looks like he snuck indoors today with the yellow ball.
Tapa and His Yellow Daisy Sprinkler2554 views
Tess and The Yellow Ball172 views
Tess With Yellow Ball249 viewsJanuary 30, 2005
Tess Distracted from Yellow Ball227 viewsJanuary 30, 2005
Kiko in Pursuit1020 viewsKiko loves playing ball. He prefers a blue ball, but here he demonstrates that yellow will do nicely.
Kiko with Yellow Ball794 viewsHaving caught the yellow ball --- in his vice-like jaws --- the game is to now try to get it away from him. Kiko likes the game more than the catching of the ball itself.
Whitecroft Garden214 viewsPretty yellow flowers by Kiko's Duck Weed Pond - April 9, 2005. We had some snow yesterday.
Cole in Hot Pursuit3132 viewsCole wasn't much interested in the balls or rubber barbells, but when the yellow Frisbee came out --- well, that was different..!
Wide-eyed Pursuit99 views
Otis With The Yellow Ball101 views... and a bit of grass.
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