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Kiko Standing (Well, Almost Standing) Guard769 viewsNormally Kiko prefers balls that are blue or green, but today he's in a yellow period. Just try to get that ball away from him. Bad idea...! April 3 2005
Kiko's Ear, Peeking Out630 viewsKiko's ear showing that he's under the couch cover, instead of on top of it. April 16 2005
Kiko Asleep Under Couch Cover616 viewsI guess Kiko thought the protective couch cover was more like a duvet, for his personal comfort.
Kiko730 viewsI disturbed Kiko's sleep when I took these photos of him. Sorry, Kiko. April 16 2005
Kiko's Nose602 viewsI think Kiko's nose is great. I like the little black lower lip as well. It almost looks like Kiko polishes his nose when we're not looking.
Kiko602 viewsPlaying with my new wide angle lens. Kiko doesn't care -- he just wants the cookie that Marjorie is holding over my shoulder. April 24 2005
Another Photo of Kiko Sleeping570 viewsKiko all curled up in the lounge, sound asleep. He looks like a big kidney bean. May 4 2005, Whitecroft
Kiko Staring689 viewsThis is Kiko's "Well, let's play" look. At the Holstein Society "clubhouse" on May 3 2005, near Rickmansworth.
Kiko and the Barbell686 viewsWe didn't think the bull terriers would like this barbell: it's made from tennis ball-type of material. Or we thought they'd tear it to bits in seconds. Kiko and Tapa love it, and it's managed to make it through the critical 10 minutes.
Kiko Protecting his Barbell595 viewsHe's had it in his mouth, and has just dropped it for the photograph -- on top of his paw. At the Holstein Society HQ, near Rickmansworth (wherever that is --- somewhere near the M25). May 3 2005
Kiko With Barbell467 views
Kiko Sleeping in the Conservatory686 viewsIt seems all we have are pictures of the Bull Terriers asleep.
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