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Downstairs at Kopke Street2546 زيارةMany an hour spent here.
Downstairs at Kopke Street929 زيارة
Romaco Grinder and Groen Cooker35908 زيارةBoy did this equipment give us grief...!
Looking towards the peeling room1966 زيارة
2nd Floor Office2168 زيارةWe spent many an hour here --- watched 9-11 and the disputed Presidential election on TV while we battled with MAS90
2nd Floor Offices1924 زيارةA lot of good the secuity cameras and monitor did --- all they enabled us to do was video tape the staff stealing. Auwe!1 تعليق
2nd Floor Packing Room2210 زيارةWas this room ever hot. And did our packing colleagues ever move slowly?
2nd Floor Office769 زيارةI think I spent about two hours a week trying to keep this a/c working.
Receptionist's Desk2616 زيارةRemember the hours Sophie spent here?1 تعليق
Our maneki nekko2180 زيارةThe cat, when facing the door, should bring good luck and good fortune. Well, so much for that theory. This one certainly didn't work.
Miscellaneous Poi Stuff1483 زيارة
The red door4989 زيارةI read somewhere that a red door brings good luck. In our case, the red door attracted red ink.
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