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Downstairs at Kopke Street2546 x angesehenMany an hour spent here.
Downstairs at Kopke Street929 x angesehen
Romaco Grinder and Groen Cooker35908 x angesehenBoy did this equipment give us grief...!
Looking towards the peeling room1966 x angesehen
2nd Floor Office2168 x angesehenWe spent many an hour here --- watched 9-11 and the disputed Presidential election on TV while we battled with MAS90
2nd Floor Offices1924 x angesehenA lot of good the secuity cameras and monitor did --- all they enabled us to do was video tape the staff stealing. Auwe!1 Kommentar(e)
2nd Floor Packing Room2210 x angesehenWas this room ever hot. And did our packing colleagues ever move slowly?
2nd Floor Office769 x angesehenI think I spent about two hours a week trying to keep this a/c working.
Receptionist's Desk2616 x angesehenRemember the hours Sophie spent here?1 Kommentar(e)
Our maneki nekko2180 x angesehenThe cat, when facing the door, should bring good luck and good fortune. Well, so much for that theory. This one certainly didn't work.
Miscellaneous Poi Stuff1483 x angesehen
The red door4989 x angesehenI read somewhere that a red door brings good luck. In our case, the red door attracted red ink.
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