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Tamworth Bristle537 views
Chase's Pig7367 viewsThis magnificent pig is a cross between a kune kune pig (the small pigs from New Zeland, who have wattles) and a Gloucester Old Spot pig. We never understood how that mating took place. This pig is about 12 or 13 years old, but she can still move as fast as a piglet.
A Young Tamworth Sow655 viewsMorning sunlight, early autumn day at Lucies Farm
Tamworth Sow and Her Piglet1205 views2 comments
An Iron Age Pig17611 viewsThis 11 or 12 year old pig is a cross between an Iron Age pig (which itself is a cross between a Tamworth pig and a wild boar) and a Gloucester Old Spot pig. While she looks fat, she is incredibly fast.
Berkshire Pig946 viewsHaving a bit of a slow amble across the field.1 comments
Cuddles692 viewsThe two piglets --- the entire litter --- cuddle for warmth under Mom's front leg.
Motherhood847 viewsThis Tamworth sow had her first litter. Unfortunately, she's only had two piglets, but they're pretty cute. She chose to have them outdoors, on a bed of straw, rather than in the near-by pig ark. Here the piglet has a good look at Mom.
The Kune Kune - Gloucester Old Spot Cross Pig677 views
The Two Piglet Litter and Mom1289 viewsThis Tamworth sow had a litter of two cute piglets. Despite the fact that she was near a pig ark, she decided to have her litter in a pile of straw near the fence.
A Berkshire Pig685 viewsOn his way over to see if I'm doing anything interesting, or, better yet, to see if I've brought any food.
Curly Tail4779 viewsWhen I saw this photograph, it reminded me of those ribbon pins that seem to be all the rage at awards ceremonies. This curly tail belongs to one of our Berkshire pigs.
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