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........... my nose??577 odsłon1 komentarzy26/02/16 at 02:40Anon_Mair: It is so wonderful that you still have these beaut...
Elvis Really Thinking About It2174 odsłon"Should I just walk down this ramp . . . ?"1 komentarzy18/07/15 at 10:28isanexus: A ball always help for a dog not to think too much...
Elvis in His Life Preserver1551 odsłonThinking about walking down the PetRAMP.1 komentarzy18/07/15 at 10:21isanexus: Go elvis go go go!
Black Bull -- Woodneuk Fold -- Royal Show 200510546 odsłonI took this photograph of a regal Highland black bull waiting to go into the show ring. The gentleman gave me his card: he's Tom Thomson from the Woodneuk Fold in Glasgow.1 komentarzy27/04/13 at 01:21Anon_Holly: thats a highland cow not a bull
A blast from the past1781 odsłon2 komentarzy12/10/08 at 18:02craigwalsh: Grant visited us for a day in late June.
A blast from the past1781 odsłon2 komentarzy12/10/08 at 15:18Anon_Anon: When did Grant come and visit?
Can you help me choose?948 odsłon1 komentarzy11/10/08 at 04:24craigwalsh: Mana is pretty cute.
Marjorie Crossing the Dam870 odsłonHaving crossed the narrow dam to get a dog ball from the other side of the small "canal."1 komentarzy02/10/08 at 04:31Anon_Drew Doc: I tried the Japanese version of the "Dam"...
Barbara Cleaning The Pool Tile5006 odsłon4 komentarzy10/09/08 at 01:14Anon_Pwa: Sexy
Maddy waiting for the ball731 odsłon1 komentarzy05/08/08 at 00:51Anon_DJ: Good picture!
Barbara Cleaning The Pool Tile5006 odsłon4 komentarzy10/07/08 at 00:54Anon_Anon: not a very professional look
Look, I can't help how my face looks I'm actually having a fabulous time1004 odsłon1 komentarzy23/06/08 at 23:56Anon_Pete: chlorine, It makes my eyes all red..
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