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Planting The Poi Company Garden and Parking Lot982 viewsMakai of the factory -- the garden was at 745 Kopke Street, HonoluluMay 26, 2008
Poi Company Product Promotional Shot795 viewsA Camera Hawaii photograph of Poi Bagels, Poi English Muffins, Macadamia Nut Butter, and Lomi Lomi Salmon Cream Cheese.May 26, 2008
Sarah, Kevin and Steve at a Poi Company Booth792 viewsWe did lots of these shows --- so many that I don't even recognise this booth.May 26, 2008
Promotional Photograph for Poi Dog T-Shirt416 viewsMay 26, 2008
Aimoku, Marjorie, Owen Ho, and Dorien With The Poi Banner608 viewsMarjorie and I walked the length of the Kamehameha Day Parade -- from Iolani Palace to Kapiolani Park -- with this banner, in front of The Poi Company floral float.May 26, 2008
Poi Company Parking Lot and Garden446 viewsThe "garden" at 745 Kopke Street, next to The Poi Company factory at 749 Kopke Street, Honolulu.May 26, 2008
Preparing The Poi Company Float for the Parade290 viewsPoiCo had a flower-covered float in the Kamehameha Day Parade, 13 June 1998, designed by Owen Ho. Marjorie and Lorna Lowe are at work with the flowers, while Aimoku takes a beer break.May 26, 2008
Marjorie and Cathy Talking to the Chefs About Poi204 viewsAmerican Culinary Federation (ACF) show at the Hilton Waikoloa Show, January 2001.Mar 23, 2008
Marjorie and Cathy at the Show207 viewsAmerican Culinary Federation show at the Hilton Waikoloa Hotel, Hawaii, January 2001Mar 23, 2008
Woman's World Article on Poi - August 2001279 viewsThis article described poi as a bit of a miracle diet food, and we received many telephone calls from people who simply wanted poi. While the article is true, it left out some of the more important facts about the "poi diet" --- you can't simply eat whatever you want and poi and expect to lose weight. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work like that.Mar 21, 2008
Art Deco Poi Painting311 viewsWe purchased the original of this painting on eBay and used it on our luxury poi packaging. It reminds me of the old Matson menu covers.Mar 21, 2008
Poi Cheesecake Packaging701 viewsWe had this bright top designed for the Poi Cheesecake by a talented designer in Turkey (of all places) but never had a chance to print it or implement this on the cheesecake.Mar 21, 2008
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